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ByCyclogical flying Gripster


We are ByCyclogical, an innovative start-up bicycle accessories design company made up of cyclists passionate about good design and bikes. Our goal is to design simple yet effective and innovative products that promote cycling and make the process of owning a bike easier.


We have used our knowledge of product development and engineering and our love for cycling to create our first product innovation Gripster, the bike storage solution that is a little bit off the wall! Gripster encourages interior bike storage because this will extend the lifespan of your bike but also because if your bike is in sight you will use it more.


We strongly believe that good design does not need to be complicated and Gripster is the embodiment of our approach to the development process. Since we were successfully funded on Kickstarter our online sales have continued to flourish.  We are now able to invest in new product innovations so watch this space...

There will be some cool stuff, we promise!


Jose Hernandez


CEO & Founder

Jose is a product design and mechanical engineer with many years of experience as lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and as a design & product development consultant for industrial clients. He is the creator of Gripster, directs innovation efforts at ByCyclogical, and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business.

Stephanie Hernandez



Steph is responsible for financial planning, record-keeping and social media communications. Having had experience running her own businesses she advises the team in all matters financial. She is also a highly experienced physiotherapist and fitness expert knowledge that will be critical as we move on into other exciting and innovative products.


Our design philosophy is key to our success. We put our customers at the centre of the innovation process. We use rapid prototyping technologies to test our theories and actively involve users through the development process from idea generation to the early stages of the manufacturing process.

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