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Storing your Gripster
Gripster comes with an integrated magnet in its base. This allows users to attach the product to a wide range of metallic surfaces such as radiators, fridges and cars. You will always find your Grispter where you left it last!
Simple but versatile
Gripster is intended for internal use. However, its portable size and its unique shape allow you to rest your bike against a range of surfaces such as poles, benches, shop windows, etc. You will look at those unfriendly surfaces in a completely different way!
Your bike is meant to live inside
Storing your bicycle indoors will extend the lifespan your bike components, as chains, brakes and bearings, will not be subjected to the elements. It will allow you to notice when something will need to be replaced sooner rather than later, contributing to making your cycling experience more enjoyable and safer.
Ferris Wheel
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Palm Trees
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City Cycle
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Misty Slopes
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