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Introducing the Gripster

Introducing the Gripster

The Gripster will be the first of many products that we will be bringing to market. It is the epitome of what we do: simple, innovative and cost effective design solutions.

The simplicity of the Gripster is apparent right from the start. One moulded piece of engineered recyclable plastic. Slip the Gripster on to the end of your bicycle handlebar, lean your bike against a wall and voila, additional stability and protection for your bikes and walls. No screws, no assembly, no installation, no instructions. Simple!

The innovative element stems from having a clear understanding of the problem to solve. Cyclists are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their bikes so many choose to store their bikes indoors.

There are many bicycle storage solutions available. We have used many of these throughout the years, but these had limitations: bulky, expensive many with a requirement for complex installation. Frequent cyclists are all about convenience and this is what we had in mind when we created the Gripster.

Unlike many storage solutions, the Gripster does not discriminate against bike type. Its unique design allows it to work with handle bars and drop bars of different shapes and sizes, making it kind of Universal.

Retailing at under £10 you can store your bike safely without breaking the bank. And if you live in rental accommodation you don’t have to worry about losing your deposit because of handle bar impact scuffs or dents on walls. (Did we mention additional stability?)… Total peace of mind!

Simple, Innovative and Cost Effective. It’s the ByCyclogical way…

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