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Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, what a great few weeks it has been, we haven’t stopped!

We received samples of the Gripster last Thursday from our manufacturing partner Mainetti.

It amazing to finally feel everything you’ve worked for in your hands. Now we just need some help in choosing some colours and you guys on Facebook really helped with that.

Then last weekend we had a stall at the Muckmedden Fair City Enduro and were able to show the Gripster to the hundreds of cyclists who had braved the weather to come along. We had some really awesome feedback from some really passionate cyclists, which warmed our hearts in October cold! Just like we had the weekend before when we visited the Cycle Speedway in Edinburgh! Now we just can’t wait to get cracking!

This week, we are hard at work pulling together final bits and pieces for the Kickstarter campaign. We’re overwhelmed by the support so far, but this is where we need YOU the most and we have released a video on Facebook ( describing just how exactly you can help us out in these really exciting days ahead.

So sign up to our newsletter and get ready for next week :)

We can’t wait to get going!

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